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Many people dream of owning an apartment or a house by the sea, especially businessmen who wish to rest from their busy schedules and many meetings in the summer months. They just want to get away from the crowds of a big city and retreat to an Adriatic villa somewhere in Croatia, where they will completely relax and enjoy themselves in the sun, listening to the sound of the waves.

Of course, it is always possible to rent an apartment or hotel accommodation for a week or two, but buying an apartment or a house is an option more attractive than renting for many. Apart from that, it’s a matter of prestige and an excellent investment which can pay off in the long run.

In view of the increasing growth of tourism in Croatia, we could say that an apartment or a house by the sea can nowadays be bought with a realistic return on investment. That’s to say, in the long run, you can have your own apartment completely free!

However, it’s a fact that many potential investors don’t even think about return on investment. The reason for that is that many buyers think that renting is associated with meeting guests upon arrival, cleaning apartments, washing towels and linen, keeping an occupancy calendar, correspondence with the guests, coordination of cleaners etc. There is a simple and effective solution for all those worries and obligations – partnership with a tourist agency!

Buying a real estate in Croatia with return of investment

The experience of tourist agency AnnaTours, which has been present on the market for more than 20 years has shown that it is much easier to sell a real estate to a potential client with a formula of return on investment via renting out to tourists in summer months.

That of course doesn’t mean that the new owner cannot spend time in his/her second home during the season; that is simply a matter of agreement with the agency which will take complete care of the renting. It is enough for the owner to specify the dates when he/she wishes to spend time at his/her seaside home with his/her family. The bought apartment or for example villa with a pool will be rented to tourists for the rest of the season.

real estate Croatia

The best part is that the tourist agency takes complete care of the guests: from advertising, correspondence with the guests, organization and coordination of cleaning and washing the linen, to payment to the owner. We could actually define this formula as “turn key”, since the buyer of the real estate really doesn’t’ have to worry about anything associated with renting.

Return of investment in 12 years on average

If you decide to buy an apartment or house by the sea, the period within which you might expect to fully return your investment depends on numerous factors such as the accommodation unit price, year of construction, equipment, position, sea view etc.

Average return on investment for a quality apartment or villa with a pool is around 8% per year, which means that the invested capital is fully returned in about 12 years. After that the accommodation unit is of course still your ownership and you can continue to rent it so that in the long run you will not just acquire a seaside real estate, you can actually make good money! In all that, a good tourist agency plays a crucial role.

buying real estate Croatia

It is common knowledge that banks in Croatia don’t give loans easily and they are less and less interested in real estates as a guarantee for mortgage loans. With a good business plan and guarantee from an agency which obliges to bring guests into the accommodation unit and ensure income from year to year, it is much more simple to get a loan for an attractive apartment or house by the sea.

Growth of tourism and tourist services

For many years now, tourism has experienced a constant growth in Croatia. There are more and more guests, the airports are breaking records in terms of planes and passengers, so it is not surprising more and more private renters are renting out any accommodation they have. Every real estate on the coast can nowadays become a “cash cow” which will provide you with a steady rental income. Buying an apartment nowadays is surely one of the best and safest investments.

As for the concrete numbers, only this year it is expected 800 million euros will be invested into tourism in Croatia… Last year Croatia achieved a record 90 million overnight stays and 9,5 billion euros of income. The prognoses for this year are even higher. Why don’t you join in on this wave and invest in an apartment or a house by the sea which will pay off in the long run?

You are thinking about buying a real estate in Croatia with a return on investment plan? Email us at and we will gladly provide you with support and professional advice!  

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