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Croatia is amongst Europe’s most famous seaside destinations blessed with sun year-round and beautiful islands. Croatia’s momentous settlements and peaceful islands have plenty attractions to offer with a wealth of natural ecosystems. From sweeping coastal cliffs to rolling vineyards, you can find some the most beautiful destinations on earth in Croatia, which you can always add to your bucket list.

With over a thousand plus islands, amazing music festivals, and a remarkable rocky coast swept regularly by the spotless Mediterranean seas, buying property in Croatia is a chic summer location you should consider. Croatia property sales come with a whole lot of features including lively cultural scene, untouched nature, and precious architectural marvels can be relished independent of any season.

No matter your detailed tastes or interests in properties, I can assure you Croatia property sales has it all. As an attractive little nation on the Adriatic, Croatia has the most beautiful properties that are unique, sophisticated and offers all you could ever ask for from any masterpiece.

Croatia Real Estate Market

Are you a real estate investor with foreign nationality seeking diversification of your asset and real estate portfolio? Then you must consider buying property in Croatia as a way of investing in Croatia Real Estate. You would have come across countless commercials and banners exhibiting Croatia property sales all over the web.

Several offers relating to buying property in Croatia are intended to suit different budget and lifestyle. Croatia property sales can vary from excellent high-quality apartments, business properties condos, hotels, land, resorts, stone houses, villas, and farm buildings with hosts of standard features, fashionable private pools, and coastlines. The Republic of Croatia has passed the friendly and liberal laws which allow foreigners to easily invest in the real estate sector. Croatia also happens to be amongst the leading property markets on the radar of many dealers looking for international assets.

After the fresh sequence of global business treaties, the attention and interest of international investors are ever rising, as Croatia property sales commercials continue to generate more views online. Another major reason that can be linked to the growing interest in buying property in Croatia is due to the admirable potential of yielding higher ROI.

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Croatia property sales have advanced very fast due to its unique tourism benefits and robust infrastructure in telecom, transport, power, and roads. Croatia can boast of its stunning landscape, crystal-clear and un-spoilt beaches, medieval cities, lush green islands, and shoreline stretching over a 1000+ km. It does not come as an overstatement when top personalities compare buying property in Croatia in some of the areas as paradise on earth. Loads of visitors from Asia, Europe, and the USA pick Dubrovnik, Istria, Split Dalmatia and islands of Croatia as their top tourist destination. It is without a doubt that Croatia property sales would continually appreciate and make available healthy income from capital growth and rental profits.

When you go around seeking for brokers, property advisors, and real estate companies on the internet you are definitely going to get perplexed. Massive development in the real estate sector has made open a highly competitive market for top players in buying property in Croatia. Consequently, there is enormous number of agents, brokers, and firms dealing in Croatia property sales.

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A large number of buying property in Croatia from firms or property brokers deal in apartments, hotels, the plot of lands, villas, and other types of properties with the purpose of catering for bargain hunters in the bubbling property segment. Before you take the decision of buying property in Croatia through an agent you should consider assessing several factors like:

  • Ascertain the properties.
  • Discover the overall experience in Croatia property sales.
  • Identify what categories of services are obtainable.
  • Look for teams with professional management.

It would be much better if such agent has offices in Croatia and other locations and the firm has links with a professional lawyer.

Real Estate in Croatia

Several individuals dream of owning a property or a home by the sea, particularly business-minded folks who wish to get off the grid and rest from their demanding schedules or countless meetings during the summer periods. If you also wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, you can always retreat to an Adriatic villa in beautiful Croatia.

Here, you will be totally relaxed and enjoy the sun, heeding the sound from waves hitting the beachside. Certainly, it is at all times possible to get an apartment for rent or hotel accommodation, but buying property in Croatia is an option more attractive to many. Also, aside from that, it becomes a matter of status and a brilliant investment which would eventually worth every penny in the long run.

In view of the snowballing growth of Croatia property sales and tourism, it is safe to say that buying property in Croatia can currently be bought with a genuine ROI. This implies that in the long run, you can own a property completely free! Nevertheless, it is still a fact that several potential investors do not bother about the ROI.

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The cause for this belief is that several buyers believe renting is related with meeting guests on arrival, cleaning of rooms, wash towels and linen, possession of occupancy datebook, communication with visitors, the organization of domestic worker, and much more etc. There is a modest and operative resolution for such worries and commitments. The solution is becoming partners with a tourist agency!

The best part of it all is the tourist agency takes total care of guests: from advert placement, communicating with people, coordinating and organizing, cleaning and washing, to financial management and payments. You can actually describe this method as “turn key”, for the reason that as a buyer of any Croatia property sales, you do not really have to worry about anything related with leasing the property.

Buying Property in Croatia with Excellent ROI

It is a shared knowledge that Croatia banks do not easily give out loans and are also less interested in real estate’s investment as a guarantee for accessing mortgage loans. Through a good business strategy and assurance from an agency with an obligation to convey guests into available accommodation unit and you can be assured of making regular income yearly. It is much easier to get loans for attractive Croatia property sales by the seaside.

villas in croatia


If you resolve to buy property in Croatia by the seaside, the time frame within which you are expected to completely return your investment is dependent on several factors like construction year, equipment, the price of accommodation unit, position, sea view etc. The average ROI for any quality property with a pool is about 8% per annum, which implies that in about twelve years the invested capital is completely returned.

After that, the property is, of course, remains yours and you can continue leasing it so you can actually make good revenue and not just own a seaside real estate in the long run! That, of course, does not imply that as the property owner, you cannot enjoy some time in your property home during any season.

It is all a matter of agreement with your preferred agency taking care of your property in Croatia. It is enough for you to stipulate dates you would wish to stay at your seaside home. All in all, a respectable tourist agency plays a vital role in getting the best results.

In about twelve years the invested capital is completely returned…

Growing Tourism and Tourist Services

For several years now, holiday business in Croatia has gone through a persistent growth. There are progressively more guests coming in, with records broken regularly at the airports in terms of numbers of passengers and planes. So, it comes as no surprise more and more private rentals are renting out any space they own.

villas in croatia

Every real estate on the coast can at the present time has become a “cash cow” which will offer you with a steady rental income. Buying property in Croatia now is surely one of the best and safest investments.

Anna Tours Agency: Experienced and Trusted Hands

Anna Tours Agency is an experienced tourist agency, which a large presence in the Croatia property sales market for over 20 years. We are a government approved specialized agency with the resources to assist you to buy, manage, and sell any property in Croatia.

Anna Tours Agency provides a much simpler process for selling or buying property in Croatia to a potential client with a well-planned formula for ROI including renting services for tourists during summer months. With Anna Tours Agency, it is very easy to join in on this trend and take part in Croatia property sales and enjoy all the beautiful beachside views which would also pay off in the long run.

Are you planning on buying property in Croatia with an excellent ROI plan? Anna Tours Agency is here for you. Feel free to contact Anna Tours Agency via mail at and we would be more than happy to offer you the necessary support and expert advice! 

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